How I lost 55# In Less Than A Year

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 3.43.50 PMAt some point some of us (the fat ones) need to take a serious look at how we got to where we are. I don’t need the FLOTUS to dictate what I should or should not eat and how much exercise I should get. That my friends is one of my God given rights. It’s called freedom, duh! So given that I have free will, I have over indulged for a long time and that habit has cost me some intangibles. It has also taken a few days, months or maybe years off my life. I always say that given my choices in my life, I would be lucky to live to 50. Well here I am, still on the green side of the grass at age 64. So how did I lose 55# in less than a year (49 weeks to be exact)? Well I stepped on the scale one day and my thoughts were “holy shit, that’s not possible”.

I knew I had to get it heading in the opposite direction. But how? I’m lazy, but smart enough to find the path of least resistance so I signed up for Nutrisystem and yes I lost weight and yes it was relatively easy but it was boring and hard to justify the expense (not cheap). The one positive thing it did teach me, however, was “portion” control. I am a firm believer in the fact that if you burn more calories than you put in you will lose weight and conversely the pounds will add up. So after about six weeks on that plan I switched to Weight Watchers Points Plus online (no meetings). I always thought that this was strictly for women. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. They have a plan for men different from the one for women. Now I had total flexibility to eat “normal” food. I just needed to learn how to use the points properly. The learning curve was to take what was on my plate and convert it to points. It wasn’t really hard and my daughter was very helpful in educating me on the ins and outs of going through the week staying within my points and not feeling hungry all the time. The first few weeks I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to eat because I was super conservative with my points usage. But as I learned the ropes I became more and more comfortable with the system. Now I can go to a restaurant with all the confidence in the world that I’ll find something good to eat that is also low in points.

Now my pants are fitting looser (I don’t have abs like the picture yet). I know I’m making progress and that fact encourages me to keep going. Now that I’m a little lighter on my feet and the weather is beginning to improve I am hoping to get more exercise which may help to accelerate the weight loss process. So that is how I did it. Not magic, no surgery, no special pill or elixir. Just a little self-control and a plan. The key to success for me is to plan ahead, not beyond a day but plan the day, even before breakfast, so you know what you are doing. We generally go out for dinner on Monday after work so I make sure to have a supply of points at the ready. It’s not difficult and I’m not starving myself. If I want Pizza I can have it but it might mean a smaller lunch or no snack after dinner. Choices, always choices, but at least for now I live in a place that the choices are mine and the Weight Watcher plan allows a lot of flexibility for those choices.


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