Land of Lincoln to Become Land of the Freed Felons?

freeSo it was on the news in Illinois that there is consideration being given to letting prisoners out who have been in prison at least 25 years and are at least 50 years old go free on parole.

Story by 89 WLS Reporter Bill Cameron (CHICAGO) In Springfield, a very controversial bill that would allow aging murderers and other violent felons to go free has been recommended by an Illinois House committee. The idea is to let inmates who are at least 50-years-old and have been behaving in prison ask for parole after they’ve served 25 consecutive years. Proponents argued convicts can and do change… The committee did recommend the bill on a vote of four-to-three with the help of indicted State Representative Lashawn Ford, chairman of the committee.

So is this is a cost saving measure or an overcrowded prison issue, or both? Think of this, you have a family member who is brutally murdered, the killer is arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole. Or a serial killer is sentenced to multiple life sentences with no chance for parole. Your sister is raped and the guy goes away for life. Now fast forward 25 years and they are changed people. They have been rehabilitated to become productive citizens and are turned loose on society.

How many of them would find themselves back in court being tried for the same type of crime 10%, 5%, what number are you comfortable with? We are talking about some 800 possible releases from Illinois prisons. If only 5% repeat their crimes that’s at least 40 new victims. Is that acceptable to you? It is NOT acceptable to me.

My answer to the problem is 180° from this solution. Bring back the death penalty with a mandatory appeal process not to exceed 2 years. The majority of Liberals say a death penalty does not deter crime, has no effect. Even if we assume that to be true, it would help to eliminate the cost of  housing these scumbags and our prison population would come back to a manageable number.

Also, look at the sentencing guidelines and instead of long prison terms being handed out for non-violent crimes make them shorter. They will get the message in 5 years just as well as in 10 years and if not they would find themselves back in prison if they fall back to their old tricks. But with the violent crimes we as a society can not take that chance as it is a real life or death situation.

Bring back the public execution such as hanging or firing squad. This would have a chilling affect on potential criminals more so than a prison term or the death penalty. Having a death penalty is a joke unless society is willing to be ruthless and follow through. If after a conviction you can’t prove your innocence in 2 years then you are not innocent and it’s lights out.


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