Knife Control Legislation Feared

Fear has swept the natioknifen driving the prices of knives to new heights. Supplies are beginning to dwindle based on fears that Eric Holder and the DOJ will call for a ban on knives following the senseless stabbings that took place at a High School in rural Pennsylvania. News reports claim that at least 20 teenagers and one adult were injured, two of them critically, Wednesday morning at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa., when a 16-year-old fellow student attacked them with two knives. Following these reports it was discovered that the knives were purchased legally by the perpetrator’s mother at a local Ace hardware.

The National Association of Knifes (NAK) has called for calm to no avail. The run on knives has extended to online sales. Amazon spokesperson (on condition of anonymity) claims the company has a limited supply of knives saying, “we have a few butter knives left and we have no idea when supplies will be replenished”. Knife manufacturers are stepping up production to try to meet the increased demand. American Knife Manufacturers Association PR director was quoted at a news conference as saying they believe the Obama Administration will be calling upon congress to enact legislation banning the sale of knives to anyone under the age of 30. The legislation is expected to include mandating that knife owners attend a 20 hour course on knife safety and that all knives be secured in locked boxes or safes. This legislation is expected to affect nearly every industry in the United States. Banned knives will include the already banned switch blade knives as well as X-acto knives, sheet rock knives, box cutters, Ginsu knives, straight razors all sharp kitchen knives such as steak knives and including the popular Santoku style knife. Basically the only knifes not banned is the common butter knife but only if it has the old fashion rounded tip.

News reports claim that no one was killed in the slashing spree in PA but that several kids were in critical but stable condition. Stay tuned for more on both the knife ban proposals and the victims of the teen slasher.


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