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Sports Teams Need Political Correctness

May 16, 2014

redskinsSo the Washington Redskins owner has stated he will not change his teams name or logo. How can someone who obviously is a man of means, continue to insult an entire race or class of human beings? Daniel Snyder who is 49 years old and a Billionaire has been criticized in the media for his insensitive attitude by refusing to consider renaming the team. His answer is to create a foundation to benefit Native Americans. This move clearly indicates that Mr. Snyder is acknowledging that there is some validity to the media claims that this name is hurtful to Native Americans. I think calling them Indians is hurtful. After all, they were called this in error after Christopher Columbus, who was directionally challenged, mistook the now West Indies for the East Indies and assumed the indigenous people were Indians. But the entire sports community is riddled with insensitive references and really needs to be educated on political correctness. If you look around you find the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Indians and my beloved Chicago Blackhawks (even though there is no tribe called Blackhawks the logo is an Indian).

If skin color is the issue then what about the Cleveland Browns? That has to have Cleveland residents, many of whom are people of color, in a state of hysteria. Staying with that theme what about the Carolina NFL franchise since Panthers don’t generally inhabit the Carolinas. This has to be a reference to the “Black Panthers” of the racially charged era of the 1960’s. This has to go, as I’m sure white folks are offended or should be.

I was raised as a Catholic and I am offended by the use of “religious” references such as the Saints, Angels or Padres. I’ll bet some people never even made the connection between the Cardinals and the Catholic church, but I did. I’m sure that those Patriotic folks who live south of the Mason-Dixon line are offended by the New York Yankees. People plagued by obesity are offended by the Giants not just the baseball team but football as well. Double effort to insult those double sized Americans. This counters the message of the FLOTUS.

What message is being sent to our youth by the Raiders, Vikings, Buccaneers and the Chargers. Are we promoting violence in the form of rape and pillage, forcibly taking from others?  I remember when I was sent off to the local Catholic High School in Riverhead, NY. They asked the students to come up with a name for our sports teams and an election was held. The winner was “Marauders” but the Sisters of Mercy would not let that stand and the Monarchs became the name of our teams. The nuns considered it the name of a popular butterfly and totally ignored the reference for the term as another name for a king. What about the Cincinnati Reds (barbiturates) and the Milwaukee Brewers who are also sending the wrong message to our youth? I guess the era of “just say no” is over and was an epic failure.

So when it comes to political correctness our sports teams are clearly out of step. The owners need to be sent off to the government run re-education centers to get their minds straight so that they can show some empathy and compassion for the many minority and special interest groups in this country. If you think about it all of us belong to at least one special group and many of us are likely to be in several groups. We need to hold the owners feet to the fire to get them to rename the teams something much more palatable such as the Oakland Oak Trees, or the Cleveland Cuyahogas. The Chicago Blackhawks could be the Chicago Icers!


Mother’s Day

May 7, 2014

mothersWell another Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I think it’s important to celebrate Mother’s Day even if your mother is no longer with us here on earth. I’m one of those fortunate to still have my mother around as I approach my retirement years. I think it is amazing how well she is doing at age 91. Oh she forgets a thing or two here and there but she remembers much more than most and after all she has 91 years worth of memories to draw from. My mother was always there to support me even when I was wrong. Make no mistake, she is not one to mince words and she will let me know if I crossed the line. She put up with an awful lot of crap from me until I enlisted in the Navy. When she saw that I had matured into a reasonable human being she realized she had done her job well and there was nothing left to do. Then it became a friendship as much if not more than the mother/son relationship. My mother is a lot of things and they are all good. She is an artist and very crafty. She is an excellent cook (except those few years when she experimented with “healthy” eating). She does some of the best cross stitching I have ever seen and in my mind she could do whatever she set her mind to and do it very well. She is an avid bird watcher/lover. She is a religious woman with strong faith in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is a professional mother. She is the oldest of 5 children and only 1 of 2 still with us having lost her only brother and 2 of her 3 sisters. She is from Long Island, NY and misses the ocean deeply but she never complains about moving to the Midwest because she supported her late husband. She is a widow since 1998 but has gained strength of will and mind as her body weakens. She decided on her own that she needed to give up driving several years ago and she decided on her own that she needed assisted living. She knows what to do and when to do it. Someday I will miss my mother as many of my readers do now. I can and do call her on the phone nearly every day and I visit her at least once a week and share a meal. I owe her an awful lot but it’s a debt that can never be satisfied. I love you mom, happy Mother’s Day!

The Cost of Freedom of Speech!

May 1, 2014

SterlingLos Angeles Clipper owner, Donald Sterling is a racist or at the very least a bigot. In the US he has that right, he can be a bigot, a homophobe, a Nazi or even a member of the KKK. However, he can not break the law. If he were to discriminate and there was proof that someone was hurt by it he could be criminally or civilly sued. This man’s attitude is one that is diametrically opposed to the majority of our society and yet he has not broken any laws (as far as we know). His opinions are his to express or not and there is nothing to keep him from expressing his views in public or private. The first amendment of the constitution guarantees his right to freedom of speech. I do not agree with his views and I think he is quite wrong minded but at age 80 it is not likely that he will be changing his attitudes any time soon. So what is this all about? His bigotry is well known by any of those who know him as the owner of this NBA team for the past 33 years. But all of a sudden it’s a big deal! Why? His girlfriend taped a conversation that documented his bigotry (some say racism). This is bad press, the media is up in arms and yet he has broken no laws. Now along comes the NBA commissioner who launches an investigation into this matter. He verifies that the tape is in fact Mr. Sterling’s voice and Mr. Sterling admits that it is him. The punishment is handed down by the NBA (not the State or Federal government) who fined him some $2.5 million and he is banned from the NBA for life, yes for life! Now the rest of the owners will vote to force him to sell his team. I’m not saying this guy is a good guy but is this fair? Who is the next target? What is this all about? Well from everything I have read and learned this is all political. It’s a way to point to a rich, white male (Republican) who is a bigot. Why now? Because there is a critical election coming up that could make or break the remaining two years of the Obama regime. I think it is unfortunate that this individual thinks the way he does but if he has always felt this way why the hell did he buy a basketball team in a sport dominated by black athletes. He could have bought a hockey team, after all. So who is the next target? Take it to the bank, there will be more targets as the political operatives will continue to make race a hot button issue through the November elections.