The Cost of Freedom of Speech!

SterlingLos Angeles Clipper owner, Donald Sterling is a racist or at the very least a bigot. In the US he has that right, he can be a bigot, a homophobe, a Nazi or even a member of the KKK. However, he can not break the law. If he were to discriminate and there was proof that someone was hurt by it he could be criminally or civilly sued. This man’s attitude is one that is diametrically opposed to the majority of our society and yet he has not broken any laws (as far as we know). His opinions are his to express or not and there is nothing to keep him from expressing his views in public or private. The first amendment of the constitution guarantees his right to freedom of speech. I do not agree with his views and I think he is quite wrong minded but at age 80 it is not likely that he will be changing his attitudes any time soon. So what is this all about? His bigotry is well known by any of those who know him as the owner of this NBA team for the past 33 years. But all of a sudden it’s a big deal! Why? His girlfriend taped a conversation that documented his bigotry (some say racism). This is bad press, the media is up in arms and yet he has broken no laws. Now along comes the NBA commissioner who launches an investigation into this matter. He verifies that the tape is in fact Mr. Sterling’s voice and Mr. Sterling admits that it is him. The punishment is handed down by the NBA (not the State or Federal government) who fined him some $2.5 million and he is banned from the NBA for life, yes for life! Now the rest of the owners will vote to force him to sell his team. I’m not saying this guy is a good guy but is this fair? Who is the next target? What is this all about? Well from everything I have read and learned this is all political. It’s a way to point to a rich, white male (Republican) who is a bigot. Why now? Because there is a critical election coming up that could make or break the remaining two years of the Obama regime. I think it is unfortunate that this individual thinks the way he does but if he has always felt this way why the hell did he buy a basketball team in a sport dominated by black athletes. He could have bought a hockey team, after all. So who is the next target? Take it to the bank, there will be more targets as the political operatives will continue to make race a hot button issue through the November elections.


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