Sports Teams Need Political Correctness

redskinsSo the Washington Redskins owner has stated he will not change his teams name or logo. How can someone who obviously is a man of means, continue to insult an entire race or class of human beings? Daniel Snyder who is 49 years old and a Billionaire has been criticized in the media for his insensitive attitude by refusing to consider renaming the team. His answer is to create a foundation to benefit Native Americans. This move clearly indicates that Mr. Snyder is acknowledging that there is some validity to the media claims that this name is hurtful to Native Americans. I think calling them Indians is hurtful. After all, they were called this in error after Christopher Columbus, who was directionally challenged, mistook the now West Indies for the East Indies and assumed the indigenous people were Indians. But the entire sports community is riddled with insensitive references and really needs to be educated on political correctness. If you look around you find the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Indians and my beloved Chicago Blackhawks (even though there is no tribe called Blackhawks the logo is an Indian).

If skin color is the issue then what about the Cleveland Browns? That has to have Cleveland residents, many of whom are people of color, in a state of hysteria. Staying with that theme what about the Carolina NFL franchise since Panthers don’t generally inhabit the Carolinas. This has to be a reference to the “Black Panthers” of the racially charged era of the 1960’s. This has to go, as I’m sure white folks are offended or should be.

I was raised as a Catholic and I am offended by the use of “religious” references such as the Saints, Angels or Padres. I’ll bet some people never even made the connection between the Cardinals and the Catholic church, but I did. I’m sure that those Patriotic folks who live south of the Mason-Dixon line are offended by the New York Yankees. People plagued by obesity are offended by the Giants not just the baseball team but football as well. Double effort to insult those double sized Americans. This counters the message of the FLOTUS.

What message is being sent to our youth by the Raiders, Vikings, Buccaneers and the Chargers. Are we promoting violence in the form of rape and pillage, forcibly taking from others?  I remember when I was sent off to the local Catholic High School in Riverhead, NY. They asked the students to come up with a name for our sports teams and an election was held. The winner was “Marauders” but the Sisters of Mercy would not let that stand and the Monarchs became the name of our teams. The nuns considered it the name of a popular butterfly and totally ignored the reference for the term as another name for a king. What about the Cincinnati Reds (barbiturates) and the Milwaukee Brewers who are also sending the wrong message to our youth? I guess the era of “just say no” is over and was an epic failure.

So when it comes to political correctness our sports teams are clearly out of step. The owners need to be sent off to the government run re-education centers to get their minds straight so that they can show some empathy and compassion for the many minority and special interest groups in this country. If you think about it all of us belong to at least one special group and many of us are likely to be in several groups. We need to hold the owners feet to the fire to get them to rename the teams something much more palatable such as the Oakland Oak Trees, or the Cleveland Cuyahogas. The Chicago Blackhawks could be the Chicago Icers!


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