TV Shouldn’t Be Like This

TVEach TV provider continues to try to outdo each other. The number of channels continue to climb and of course the prices continue to climb as well. The one thing that they fail to do is to provide good customer service. If it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoy watching sports…  More and more sporting events find their way onto channels that force us to pay high prices to receive. Back when I was growing up it was big news to own a “color” TV and the dial had 13 numbers representing stations that were broadcast on VHF (Very High Frequency). Then came more over-the-air stations on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) most notably FOX. The next Hi Tech innovation was “the remote”. Wow you were hot stuff if you could turn on and off the TV from the couch and even change channels. Viola, the term couch potato was born. Then there was the rotating antenna where you could change the direction of the antennae to pull in stations you wouldn’t normally get. I remember my dad standing up on the roof rotating the antenna (we didn’t have a motorized antenna) to get a Connecticut station that was broadcasting a Green Bay Packer Football game. Then enter the new era in Television, pay TV. I recall folks saying it would never work because people won’t pay for something they get for free. Ahh, but they were wrong. Pay TV (cable) gave people more options and better quality signals so it caught on. Over time Cable TV spread far and wide and became normal for city dwellers as well as close in suburbs but in more rural areas it was not cost effective for cable companies to string the cable for a low number of customers. Necessity truly is the mother of invention and with the advances in the space age technology Satellite TV entered the picture and the picture was damn good. So now no matter where you live you could get the more expanded lineup of channels. The Weather Channel, Bravo, A&E, The History Channel, (the list goes on forever) were all available for 99% of the population. But for that expanded lineup came a much higher monthly fee. With the boom of the internet they started bundling TV with Phone service and Internet and any combination of the three and now even home security is in the mix. I will say after today I will have tried four different providers (see the logos pictured above). Dishnet ruined my day because of a dispute with Fox Networks which came at a time when it made watching NASCAR and a show called Sons of Anarchy difficult to watch. So I fired them and hired DirecTV. Love their picture quality. Love their customer service too. But I had to have faster internet so I thought getting a bundle with Comcast was the way to go. Big, big mistake on my part. Their system sucks almost as bad as their lousy customer service. So I hired AT&T (again) but this time instead of just DSL internet I’m going with their U-verse system bundle. Their customer service is not very good so if this doesn’t work out I think I will fire them and go old school. Yes, I will use a new High Definition Indoor antenna and call it a day. Just need to figure out a way to record shows for viewing on our schedule. I will have to find a sports bar to view my NASCAR events too 🙂


4 Responses to “TV Shouldn’t Be Like This”

  1. Bob D'Amico Says:

    — Not just poor customer service… Many a night I’d click through the listing of 100 channels and not fine anything worth watching. That’s pathetic…

    • Bill Noe Jr Says:

      Yes the list of channels has increased dramatically but the programming on many simply sucks… of the over 300 channels I have I would be hard pressed to watch something on 50 of them at any time over the course of a month.

      • Bob D'Amico Says:

        Thank goodness for Netflix, Redbox, Amazon Prime, and lately a free trial of Hulu Plus… and even then sometimes something that we give a chance to ends up stinking to high heaven. We’ve learned to give something maybe 10 minutes before giving it the hook if it stinks.

  2. Bill Noe Jr Says:

    Yes I use all those too! My daughter uses them and an antenna but sports is my only hang up…

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