I’ve Been Remiss


Serious meets 2 of the 3 stooges!

I’ve been busy with work and my woodworking hobby. I’ve also been busy planning for retirement within the next 14 months. It has been both fun and frustrating. But more frustrating than any of that is the continued bullshit I see happening to my beloved USA. This clown that some of us call the POTUS is dragging us into the gutter. This once proud and well respected country has become the laughing stock of the world. Now it appears clear to me that our strongest ally in the middle east has serious doubts about our commitment to them as a nation and for very good reason. This president of my country is a muslim sympathizer if not a full blown practicing muslim. Now don’t get me wrong, he can be whatever he wants to be but he should not be a liar. It appears that he is nothing but a liar. He says he’s a Christian but it is obvious to me that he is not. His heritage is anything but Christian. He is certainly not a capitalist, oh no far from it. He is at best a socialist but more likely a communist. Now, amongst other things he wants to negotiate an agreement with Iran that would eventually allow them to have nuclear weapons. This is not good for the rest of the world because Iran is the largest sponsor of global terrorism. They want a caliphate and force the world to follow Islam. Norfolk & Way, pal! One evening I was pondering the possibilities of what might transpire in the next decade. I predict that Israel, not the USA, will become the saving grace of not only the Middle East but of the entire civilized world. Only a few years ago I would have thought we, the USA would wipe the majority of the jihadist terrorists off the face of the earth but with the help of the current Obama regime they are stronger than ever. God bless my country and God bless Israel!


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