Boycotts in America

top-10-reasons-to-boycott-companies-that-use-child-labor-e1447200997399Last week I promised to explain what “Five 14 Responding” was about. Well at the age of 34 I began a 20 year (2nd) career with the North Aurora Fire Department. I quickly became an EMT-A and Firefighter I eventually becoming a Firefighter II and a Paramedic. I became a lieutenant and my number was 519 and then I was promoted to Captain and my number changed to 514. All officers took turns being the duty officer for a week which meant that from early evening until the work day started the duty officer would or should be the first on the scene for any calls whether fire or ambulance. The first thing I would say on the radio was “Five 14 Responding” and now you know.

Now about those Boycotts…

It seems lately that if something or someone crosses a large group that group demands a “Boycott”. Case in point: Colin Kaepernick is a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. He decided to disrespect our flag during the National Anthem prior to the start of every game starting during preseason games. Like many NFL fans I Boycotted the entire NFL season, not because Kaepernick did this but because Roger Goodell who is currently the Commissioner of the National Football League did nothing about it thereby, supporting his actions with his silence. Colin wasn’t alone as many others joined in including some High School players. Everyone has the right to protest but an employer can restrict this behavior from the work place and Goodell did not. Was the boycott effective? Some reports were that the attendance was down and TV viewership was down across all games all season but picked up during the playoffs and Super Bowl. I watched the Super Bowl replay the day after and I watched my beloved Giants in a losing effort in the playoffs these were the only games I watched.

It seems now that many more boycotts are being called for to include products and services provided by Trump supporters, certain liberal actors and celebrities, Black Lives Matter, police and LEOs, military you name it and there is a boycott. Even the women’s movement (which I truly don’t understand) is calling for boycotts. If enough people band together and boycott a product or service it can have a profound effect. The problem is that with so many boycotts being called for the groups are small and largely ineffective.

I’m boycotting Budweiser for its commercial depicting immigrants being picked on back in the day. It was total bull shit. But this boycott is an easy one for me because I don’t like their beer to begin with. If I were to boycott every actor, singer or TV celebrity I disagree with my entertainment choices would be knocked down to “Blue Bloods” and country music. I guess my advice about boycotts is this, choose wisely. Make sure you are really passionate about the cause and make sure it is justified. Remember that if it is successful many people can be affected by it. If a company suffers enough they may actually go out of business only adding to the unemployment crisis we see now in this country. When comparing boycotts to the violence in the streets that we are seeing around the world the choice is a no-brainer.


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