The United States Government


Question: What type of government does the United States have?

Answer: As a constitutional republic, the United States government is controlled by its Constitution, which sets forth the relative political power of the people, the federal government and the state governments. As a federal republic, the power ultimately sits with the people through their ability to elect their federal and state representatives. The federal government is restricted by the sharing of power with the states as delineated in the Constitution. Although some people like to call the United States a democracy, this is technically not the case because people do not directly control legislation, but only do so through their elected representatives. (Source:

So the question I have for the citizens of the United States of America is, what type of government do you want to try now? Right now we have rights as guaranteed by the constitution. We can speak our mind, we can practice a religion of our choosing or none at all, we can own guns, equal opportunity for all, we can own property. Capitalism is our form of economy where government restrictions are limited. Many places in the world the economy is dictated by the government. I believe we the people have the right to decide what we can and will do.

Training is important but college is not necessarily the best way to go, not for everyone. I went from High School into the US Navy. I got some useful skills from that experience and translated that into a career. After I was married and working I went to college and earned an associate degree. It helped me in my upward climb in my chosen field. We all have these opportunities and those who make smart choices get ahead. There are those who look for the easy way. There are those who consider it the governments’ obligation to care for them.

That my friends is socialism and in the extreme communism. There is no such thing as a free lunch. The government has NO money. It is our money that we pay to the government in the form of taxes. The government uses tax money for a wide variety of programs. The purpose of the federal government as conceived by our founding fathers was to PROTECT its citizens and defend our country from all comers. Little by little the federal government found new ways to spend OUR money. Social program after social program slowly but surely has put us in debt. That debt keeps growing at an alarming rate. The work force is substantially smaller so the tax base is lower and yet the government keeps on spending.

This is Socialism and it is slowly destroying us. Is this what you want? Do we want those who have gainful employment to support a part of society too lazy to get off their asses and find a job to support themselves? Living in mama’s basement at age 30+ is not a sign of success.

The America I grew up in (50s & 60s) had many challenges. There was the Vietnam war which was not a popularly supported situation. There were serious racial problems as well. There was the hippie movement, Woodstock and Kent State. Look them up. Below the surface despite all the issues there was a strong sense of patriotism. We said the Pledge of Allegiance in school. America was not Godless like it is now. I don’t care what your religious beliefs are but don’t lose respect. I have found that I can tolerate many things but it’s increasingly getting more and more difficult to tolerate disrespect. The hot button issues of late are, Black Lives Matter (based on a lie), LGBTQ (RSTU…), Politicizing the awards shows to the point where I refuse to watch them. And now the Russians, what is with all the Russian influence talk? It’s all such a distraction and I think that’s the plan. The leftists continue to lose seats at all levels of government including the Presidency and this is how they move their agenda. It’s called slight of hand.

So what kind of government do you want?


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