Projects At The Coast of Gowen

IMG_3722Ever since we retired and moved to our lake home there has been no shortage of projects. It began with adding a large “three season” room on the front. In the process rotted wood along the front wall was discovered necessitating jacking up the roof and walls so that a new sill plate could be installed. This destroyed the drywall in the front living room and front bedroom. So while this was being done Paula and I were building a 16′ x 20′ Garden shed behind the barn. Then we had a guy come in and hang new drywall in the living room after we did the demolition to the damaged drywall. He also repaired the drywall in the front bedroom. In order to finish the living room we cut through the wall to the kitchen to make it larger and more open. Once the new room construction was complete Paula and I finished the interior – ceiling, walls, trim and capping it all with new carpet including the living room and front bedroom. Her son and daughter-in-law came and finished some of the drywall to complete the living room and did a better job than the “pro”.

Now at the same time we were trying to condense two homes into one (still ongoing) and the garage is a mess and the barn is full. Oh yeah, the barn. We installed a large overhead shelf for storage along one 32′ side wall and the 24′ back wall. After the garden shed project we partitioned a 10′ by 24′ area of the barn for my woodworking shop. Paula and I built the walls and insulated it and her daughter Kim (the NCAA gymnastic champ) climbed through the trusses above the room and installed insulation for us. The shop needs a bunch of projects to make it functional including a workbench and a miter saw stand.

I’m concentrating my effort in the garage in order to make it useful. The photo above is a small slice of the organization in progress. Once it’s done the garage “shop” area will be very useful to complete the rest of the project list. That list includes demo of the dinning room and kitchen and renovation of both. Then I can concentrate on getting the barn organized for its intended uses which is to store the pontoon in the winter and to house the functional woodworking shop.

I forgot to mention the driveway upgrade and landscaping projects, but I’ll save that for another posting. So we have our work cut out for us… Retired indeed!


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