April Weather

WeatherSo welcome to Spring in the Midwest more specifically Western Michigan. Yeah we had 2 days of 70°+temperatures and sunshine. Then a line of thunderstorms rolls through and poof, 45° and the furnace is running again. Gas prices change just as fast. Hovering around the $2.00 per gallon mark and then overnight poof, $2.50+. Change is inevitable but drastic change always grabs people’s attention. I’m not sure why that is but even as I have reached retirement age I’m still surprised by drastic change and I have seen many. So the question is (for many people at least) is this “climate change” (formerly known as global warming). It was pretty astute for the leftists to rename it climate change since the climate is constantly changing. But as far as “man made climate change” I’m a non-believer. I don’t agree with the premise that we humans have the kind of power it takes to affect this kind of change to our climate. If we actually had the kind of power to change the weather and it’s patterns wouldn’t we eliminate drought? What about floods? This carbon footprint and fossil fuel hatred by the left really makes no sense. Oil is created from the decay of once living organisms and is a “natural” “organic” process. To refine oil into a myriad of petroleum products is an extension of that organic process. I marvel at the ignorance of some on the left (or is it stupidity) regarding the use of fossil fuels to make our lives better without destroying our planet. Can we fly from coast to coast on a vehicle that is powered by the sun or the wind? Or should we abandon the idea of fast travel altogether. Nuclear power is the only serious contender to the power of fossil fuels and yet it is not suitable to power flying machines.

Should we return to the West Coast smog of the 60s? Hell no. I think many of the improvements we have made in cleaning our environment are good. I like the idea of clean air and clean water and clean food free of harmful elements. The ideas of changing the type of refrigerants we are allowed to use and the restrictions on fossil fuels that the left would like to implement are extreme and will have not enough, if any positive effects on our quality of life here on earth. I like modern technology and the things that we humans have developed in this country in the past 100 years. Being responsible for our behavior is basic decency. I believe like the Boy Scouts, when camping, leave the forest or camping area in better shape than you found it. Make it such that no one would know you had been there. So let’s all make our world a better place for our children’s children’s children without driving society back to the days of wagon trains.


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