rushmoreI was born in 1949 when Harry S. Truman (1945-1953) was POTUS. I was too young to remember him in any way but history tells me that he is the President responsible for using nuclear weapons to end the war with Japan and he lead us into the Korean conflict. I don’t want to second guess his decisions but most people of my generation (Baby Boomers) think that using the Atom Bomb shortened the war and saved significant lives.

I grew up enough to remember seeing Dwight David Eisenhower (1953-1961) on TV. I like Ike. He was quite popular for his military background. He is credited with creating the Interstate Highway System which by design was created for military troop and supply movements. His lack of enforcement of the Supreme Court’s mandate for the desegregation of schools was his only significant failure. It was a battle he chose not to fight.

In my lifetime this was the only Democratic President I fully supported. John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1961-1963) wasn’t perfect and history shows he had many faults but he pushed America into the space age which was a very good thing in my humble opinion. Bay of Pigs, not so much. I also remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and his bold Navy blockade. I’m clapping my hands for that move right now… He should never have been assassinated.

(-)The successor to JFK and the biggest asshole in the white house ever was Lyndon Baines Johnson (1963-1969). Arm chair quarterback of the Vietnam war this jackass didn’t have a winning strategy. In my opinion he had no strategy and should never have been POTUS.

(+)Richard Milhous Nixon (1969-1974) will never be remembered for establishing better relations with China, he will never be remembered for finally brining an end to the farce in Vietnam. Nope, he will only be remembered for the Watergate break in that forced him to resign. Sad…

(+)This vice president was thrust into power to fill the vacancy created by Tricky Dick’s resignation. Gerald Rudolph Ford (1974-1977) wasn’t a great POTUS but he wasn’t a terrible President either. He just did nothing except to pardon former President Nixon. This single act was necessary but likely cost him the election against Carter.

(-)When you live through the Iran hostage crisis, gasoline shortages and a failed rescue attempt you must give credit to James Earl Carter, Jr. (1977-1981). Thankfully he only served one term and was arguably the worst POTUS in history… He would become the 2nd worst POTUS as a future President claims the 1st spot.

(+)Two term Republican POTUS, Ronald Wilson Reagan (1981-1989). Is my hero. His “Star Wars” initiative was responsible for helping to bring down the Berlin Wall and break up the Soviet Union thus ending the Cold War. It all came down to money. The money it would have cost the Soviets to keep pace was too much for them. Reagan lowered taxes and stimulated the economy in a huge way. No POTUS goes through office without controversy and Reagan’s was Iran-Contra… look it up.

(+)George Herbert Walker Bush (1989-1993) “read my lips, no new taxes” and this promise was broken. This single act caused him to be a single term POTUS. When Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein launched an invasion and occupation of Kuwait, Bush organized a military coalition of more than 30 countries. Operation Desert Storm ended in late February with Iraq’s defeat and Kuwait’s liberation, but many feel it stopped short and Hussein should have been eliminated.

(-)I never had any respect for William Jefferson Clinton (1993-2001). I think he is one of the most corrupt POTUS to ever serve. I’m always amazed at his “popularity” and the fact that he was a two term POTUS. If you want more info on this President I suggest Wikipedia or Google.

(+)George Walker Bush (2001-2009) had to deal with the aftermath of the “9-11” terrorist strike on NYC, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. While I respect Bush for some of his decisions we sacrificed too much freedom in the interest of security. Hurricane Katrina was mishandled in perception if not in reality and Bush’s popularity never recovered. This likely help elect the next Democratic POTUS.

(-)Barack Hussein Obama (2009-2017) I refuse to discuss this horrible POTUS. I’m still surprised that he was elected twice. If you want more info on this, the worst POTUS in history (IMHO) look it up but since he is the most recent former POTUS you probably won’t need to.

(+)Donald John Trump (2017-????) Some good things have happened but it is too soon to know how this POTUS will do. The Democrats and some Republicans as well as the most recent former POTUS are all working against him so it’s not going to be easy for him.

(+) I voted for (-) I voted against


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