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Handgun Review

March 13, 2017

I am “into” guns. I’m not a gun nut but I do believe that we have an inalienable right to self defense Xdmod2and that would include any and all legal means. The one thing I have learned is that the best gun to own is the one you will carry or the one you are comfortable using. You need to be able to use a gun in a high stress situation as if it were an extension of you.

Some time back I reviewed my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. There is only one reason I sold the Shield, it has a manual safety. I did not realize that Smith & Wesson offered this gun without a manual safety. I have since sold that gun and moved to this Springfield Armory XD-9 Mod.2 sub-compact handgun. While Springfield Armory is an American manufacturer this gun is produced in Croatia and believe me when I say the fit and finish is excellent. The standard magazine hold 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition so with one in the chamber this gun is ready to fire 14 rounds. The magazine shown in the photo is a 16 round version. So if you carry this gun with the standard magazine plus a round in the chamber and a spare 16 round magazine you have 30 rounds ready to go. If that’s not enough you are somewhere you shouldn’t be.

Let me discuss guns with safety mechanisms. I love revolvers but as I got older the arthritis in my hands makes it difficult to reload under stress. The revolver has no safety. The relatively heavy double action trigger serves that roll. I have a revolver and I carry it sometimes. I train often and I need consistency. I don’t want to think about switching my safety off.  I own several handguns and none of them have a manual safety. I especially like this gun because it is very safe to carry. If you look at the back of the grip it has what is called a grip safety much like the popular 1911s have. You have to have a grip on the gun for it to operate. The trigger is a safe-action trigger much like the famous and popular Glock handguns have. So if I drop this handgun it will not go off. I don’t recommend dropping it to test that out.

This handgun is very comfortable in my hand. It is a smooth shooter as well. The only thing I changed were the sights. I put a set of night sights on it shortly after I bought it and I find them to be great no matter what the lighting is. Target acquisition is quick, so followup shots are no problem. This gun is easy enough to conceal carry but is big enough with the double stacked magazines to provide plenty of fire power and makes a great “house” gun. This is my number one gun of choice and is almost always on my hip. If you have an opportunity to shoot one I’d like to hear about your experience.